Founded in 2013, Hark (Helping Activities Reach Kids) is a non-profit (501c3) dedicated to enhancing education and cultivating passion in the lives of underserved children in New York City. Inspired by our own full-educational experiences, including participating in arts, sports and community service, we aim to provide access to out of school programs for New York City students. To do this, we have created a community of young professionals who support our mission, enabling Hark Society to provide volunteer opportunities, mentoring activities and cultural events that provide added value to local youth.

Hark Society is run by a dedicated group of young professionals committed to a common goal. Hark Society is able to help activities reach kids through two channels- hosting events to raise awareness for our mission and expand our network of invested young professionals and planning volunteer opportunities to connect Hark Society affiliates with youth, so both may share in a valuable out of school experience. 

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