In partnership with The Bronx Charter School for Excellence, Hark Society launched a one-to-one mentoring program, Hark Mentors, in June 2013. Each Hark mentor strives to be a supportive role model and an effective cheerleader igniting passion for each student in the program.

How does it work?

Hark Mentors is a partnership between Hark Society and the Bronx Charter School for Excellence. Each cycle, prospective mentors apply to be matched with recently graduated 8th grader from BCSE to guide them as they transition to high school. Mentors and students are matched by Hark Society’s volunteer team based on their interests and experience working with youth. Once mentors and mentees have been matched, Hark Society supports numerous events where mentors and mentees can get to know each other beginning with a kick-off event for each group. Past events have included ice skating in Bryant Park, a cooking class, museum tours, activities at Chelsea Piers, and more! Hark Society currently has approximately fifty young professionals participating in our mentoring program. To find out more about our mentoring program, please fill out the form below.

Why mentoring?

Hark Society believes mentoring is a key component of educational development. Whether it be a sports captain, art teacher, coach, guidance counselor, or simply a friend, many of our mentors benefitted from the guidance of a confidant of their own.  Mentors are able to give advice, share their past experiences, and simply spend time with their mentee, opening up the realm of possibilities and thinking for participating youth. We believe mentorship is not just a one way street – our mentors are constantly learning from their mentees too!

Our Goals & Responsibilities

  • Forging Meaningful Connections
  • Promoting Passions
  • Providing Guidance & Support
  • Encouraging Hard Work & Excellence
  • Raising Expectations


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