Hark Society has partnered with Bronx Charter School for Excellence (“BCSE”) to initiate a mentoring program between Hark Society and new alumni of BCSE. In furtherance of this relationship, Hark Society is offering Passion Project Scholarships.

The Passion Project provides personalized scholarships to our mentees to enroll in out-of-school programs that further develop their interests & passions so that they can benefit from a “full-educational” experience.

The Passion Project

Due to New York City education budget cuts, the variety of school-sponsored extracurricular and extra-classroom activities is decreasing. The Passion Project provides students with the means to enroll in out-of-school programs that further develop their interests and passions so that they can benefit from a “full-educational” experience.

What is the Passion Project Scholarship?

Passion Project Scholarships are one-time scholarships to fund a student’s involvement in an activity he/she is passionate about but does not have access to. Examples of passions that students may intend to pursue include, but are not limited to, athletics, arts, tutoring, music, etc. If the student already has a specific organization or program he/she wishes to participate in to further this passion, the student should specify that organization in this application; Hark Society will otherwise help students selected for the scholarship to find an appropriate activity or program that furthers the student’s passion. The organization or program must be acceptable to both the student and Hark Society.

How It Works

The Passion Project directly benefits our high-school mentees. Each student will apply for a Passion grant. Hark’s Grant Committee works closely with each student and his or her family to best determine how the funds will be allocated to maximize impact and growth.

How are Passion Project Scholarships Awarded?

Hark Society will award scholarships on the basis of a comprehensive process and discussion by Hark Society’s Passion Project Selection Committee. Hark Society will pay scholarship funds directly to the agreed upon organization where the student will be pursuing his/her passion. The award is a one-time scholarship. Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, color, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Scholarships awarded are based upon the availability of funds and additional qualifying criteria.

Granting Access to Enrichment Programs

  • ACADEMIC BENEFITS: Regular participation in high-quality afterschool programs is linked to significant gains in standardized test scores and work habits, improvements in school attendance as well as reductions in behavior problems among disadvantaged students.
  • SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL IMPROVEMENTS: By providing students with consistent enrichment activities such as music, art, sports, conflict resolution, cultural experiences, and other alternative ways of learning, afterschool improves students’ social skills, gives them more confidence, creates higher educational and career aspirations, and motivates them to consistently attend school.
  • DRUG & CRIME PREVENTION Consistent participation in quality afterschool programs helps reduce the risk of youth experimenting with alcohol and other dangerous drugs, and teen pregnancy. High quality afterschool programs are endorsed by law enforcement organizations because they are effective in reducing violence, theft, vandalism, gang activity, and other adolescent crimes.
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